Why Use Wallpaper?

I often tell people that purchasing wallpaper can be like buying art. Imagine buying a piece of art with nothing more than one solid color painted on a canvas. No picture or scenery. No combination of colors but just one plain color applied to a canvas. Then picture a beautiful painting of your preference next to your plain canvas. Although the one may be a bright color that brings some life, it still remains somewhat ordinary while the painting of your choice can bring depth, life, and joy to your soul inspiring creativity and spirituality. Wallpaper can create an experience and atmosphere that goes way beyond a painted surface.


Browse the photos on our website to see how wallpaper can beautifully transform your space like nothing else. The available patterns and textures are endless. Call Debra Lyons today at 619-884-1446 or visit her website for an appointment to visit her studio featuring some of the most recent designer books, including Phillip Jefferies, York, Brewster, Candice Olson designs, Decorator Grasscloth, Patton, Candice Olson designs, Ronald Redding designs, Antonia Vella, Ashford House, Decorator Grasscloth, Artworks, A Street Prints, Decorline, Waverly, Kenneth James Designs, 750 Home, Komar Murals & more!

Matthew Lyons