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Perhaps you have seen some beautiful wallcovering freshly installed in a friend’s home, in a public place, or in Home & Garden Magazine that has captured your heart or inspired your passion for beauty and art. You’ve come to the realization of the transforming power wallcovering can have. You are ready to take the needed steps to transform an area of your home or business.

What now? Here are the simple steps needed to proceed forward.

  1. If you have an interior designer you have worked wit and rely on, start by contacting them for advice.

  2. If you need an interior designer we will be glad to refer one to you.

  3. If you have not decided on your wallcovering and plan on making your selections on your own, call Debra Lyons at Lyons Wallpaper. Debra has a beautiful wallpaper studio with over 200 designer books in the La Mesa/Spring Valley area. She has worked in the interior design industry for 40 years and will be sure to make the process of choosing and ordering your wallcovering both a pleasant and highly professional experience.

  4. Once you have selected your wallcovering call Mark lyons at 619-985-5345 for a free estimate. If you can provide the following information it will help tremendously in giving you accurate pricing and amounts of wallcovering needed. Wallcovering is made of many different materials and comes in widths from less then 21” to over 54” wide. Rolls can be as small as one sheet or longer then 30yds. Pattern repeats can be from zero to several feet in length which can require more material. Some papers require trimming on the edges while others come pre-trimmed. Some higher end wallcoverings recommend blank stock or wall liner be installed first. The following is a list of some of the helpful items needed by your installer.

  • Width of wallcovering

  • Pattern repeat size

  • Length bolts are sold (Most bolts will have at least two continuous rolls or several yards.) For example grass cloth is normally 36” wide and sold in both 8yd bolts and 12yd bolts. These are considered two or three single rolls sold on one continuous bolt so it can tend to be a bit confusing.

  • Is the paper pre-trimmed or does or will it require hand trimming?

  • What is then nature of the wallcovering? Solid vinyl, paper backed vinyl, mylar, grass cloth?

You may need to call the manufacturer to find this information but it is critical information in getting you accurate pricing and amounts of material needed. If you are using Lyons Wallpaper to purchase your wallcovering, Debra will have all this information at hand making the process simple and easy.

Last of all it is helpful if you can email or text pictures of the areas to be wallpapered along with a close up of the wall texture. This gives us an idea of how many obstacles there are to cut around and windows to wrap, as well as assisting us in giving you sound advice on how the texture may affect the finish look. Measurements of heights and lengths of walls can also assist in making the process easier and can often save time for all involved.


              We are here to help.

1) Call Debra Lyons @ 619-884-1446, or visit her website if you need help choosing your wallcovering.  

2) call Mark Lyons @ 619-985-5345 if you have chosen your wallcovering. Please have the above information available if possible.

Note: If you have rough measurements of the lengths and heights of areas to receive wallcovering

We are a small and personal family business and are always here to help serve. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will make your wallpaper experience as easy and pleasant as possible.


Mark Lyons

Mark Lyons & Company


Matthew Lyons